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Welcome to the Astronomy Café!!

This is my main website for astronomy education and discovery. Developed over 20 years ago and updated ever since, it contains my complete collection of published popular essays on topics from cosmology and black holes, to space travel and weird things in nature. I am primarily involved with writing blogs, which are listed in the navigation bar on the left, but the tabs at the top of this page will take you to other resources I have created over the years. Below are recent books I have written that you may find interesting!

From Galileo’s telescope to the International Space Station—a photo-filled tour through the milestones of space exploration – This eclectic pop history of space exploration, by scientist-educator Sten Odenwald at NASA, examines 100 objects—all stunningly photographed—and their effect on what we know and how we think about space. Whimsical and uniquely clarifying, Space Exploration—A History in 100 Objects covers the iconic, from Sputnik to Skylab, as well as the lesser-known but utterly important objects from O-rings to the mysterious ancient Greek Antikythera mechanism. Books can be pre-ordered and will be shipped October 29, just follow this link for details: The Experiment Publishing

By the way, the stunning photograph at the top of this page is courtesy Michael Goh. It was a featured Astronomy Picture of the Day on February 17, 2016!