This page contains basic information and FAQs about the force we call gravity. Gravity plays an important role in our universe. Scientists still have a tough time understanding what this force is.This remains one of the greatest challenges of 21st Century science.

My book, Exploring Quantum Space also explains some of the exciting, and mysterious, aspects of the nature of gravity.

Ten Amazing Things about Gravity!

  • It travels at the speed of light
  • It is not a true force in nature
  • It is the weakest ‘force’ in the universe
  • It is only attractive and never repulsive
  • It is produced by both matter and energy
  • It only exists in 3-dimensional space
  • It can warp the geometry of empty space
  • It is the ultimate source of energy in the universe
  • Space and time are created by it
  • Its ultimate origin is completely unknown

My Blogs about Gravity and Space

Since The Astronomy Cafe opened for business in 1995, its Ask The Astronomer resource has answered over 4000 questions about space and physics. Here are the most popular ones about gravity have generated more than 1 million views, which were also used by NASA’s Gravity Probe B mission!