The Minor Storm of May 13, 2024

We had a minor geomagnetic storm on Monday just after the major storm on Saturday that everyone saw. This minor storm launched a CME caused by an X-5.8 solar flare on Friday, but despite early estimates it might rival the major storm, it was a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field and caused no aurora over much of the Lower-48 States. Many had hoped they would get to see an aurora in Maryland and other mid-latitude locations but the storm was too week to be seen in most states that had enjoyed the Great Storm of May 10-11.

Nevertheless, my DIY magnetometers did show some life for this Kp=6 event as shown below. This time I had three different magnetometers operating. The top numbers are the 3-hour Kp indices. The red trace is from the Fredricksberg Magnetic Observatory. The black trace is from the RM3100-Arduino system. The blue trace is from the Differential Hall Sensoe system. The green trace os from the Differential Photocell Magnetometer. The two dips marked with ‘Sq’ are the diurnal Sq variations, which were recorded by all magnetometers.

All three designs are described in detail in my book Exploring Space Weather with DIY Magnetometers,

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